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Thank you for contacting the Office of Accessibility Services at Dean College. Students seeking accommodations must complete this form and submit documentation of their disabilityDocumentation guidelines are available online.  Students are also required to meet with the Accessibility Services Coordinator prior to or as early in the semester as possible to review eligibility for accommodations and, if applicable, obtain copies of their Letter of Accommodation.

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Please use your Dean College issued email address, if you have one.

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Support Services/ Academic Adjustments


What specific accommodations or services have you utilized in the past? Please include any accommodations and support services that would be helpful for our staff to understand your history.

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You will be required to share supporting documentation with our office. If you have an electronic copy and would like to attach it to this form, please use this uploader tool.

Confidentiality and Verification

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Information provided to the Office of Accessibility Services will be shared with others at the College on a "need to know" basis and otherwise kept confidential, unless disclosure is authorized by law.


By submitting this online form, you are verifying that the information you have provided is true and accurate.